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Costume Appearances

These are pictures from the various places I've taken my costumes.  Also here are pictures of other costumes I've encountered.
Below are pictures taken at Wizard World Chicago August 5th, 2006. It was the first Convention that I've been able to take any of the costumes to. It was the most fun and the most work we've ever had with the them.

2005  Bumblebee
This was the year that my Hard Drive Crashed the day after I brought all 3 robots out.  The pictures I have left were either taken by my friend Timmy or leftover on the camera memory card.










2004  Optimus Prime
This one seems to be everyone's favorite.  The Motorized Opening chest is my favorite part.











Yes she was in Napoleon Dynamite! 







2003  Megatron
My first year wearing a giant cardboard costume!