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Current Projects

This page has what I'm working on right now.
We got a couple new cats (Logan and Mariko) because we moved, so I've been making Cat Condos.  I saw how expensive they were in the store, so I created these with all the cardboard I seem to have lying around.


Soundwave 2005:
This was just a 2 week project that I made to see how long it would take to design and build a helmet.  I still need to put something inside the visor.  There are 4 LEDs inside to light it up.




These are some other projects/costumes I have worked on.





I had to construct a Panini Costume and had only 5 days to do it. I didn't have enough time to put the foam vegatables in the open bread, nor able to paint it, but it turned out alright. There's strips on the front and back to simulate grill marks (the paint should emphasize that) and there's a place on the back for advertisment. I added a pocket under the right arm, and there's a flap on the front so the wearer can bend thier knees. I'll put up pictures of the finished product when I get them.